What are the benefits to being an ESR authorized distributor/reseller?

What are the benefits to being an ESR authorized distributor/reseller?

After becoming an authorized ESR partner, you can:
  1. Be one of the first to provide new accessories for new Apple/Samsung devices to your market;
  2. Be able to purchase thousands of innovative ESR products in bulk;
  3. Receive a margin-guaranteed price list and quickly grow your sales volume/margins; 
  4. Receive high-quality online marketing content, such as HD pictures/videos, as well as offline materials such as flyers, endcaps, and catalogs;
  5. Get a generous credit line, if approved.

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    • How do I become an ESR authorized distributor/reseller?

      You can fill in this online form: https://www.esrgear.com/partnership Or, you can simply email sales@esrgear.com with your company details, sales channels, and expected monthly purchases. You will be contacted by an ESR account manager in 24 hours.
    • What are the benefits of being an ESR Super User?

      As an ESR Super User, you’ll enjoy the following awesome benefits: 1. An upgraded 24-month warranty 2. Exclusive access to new products for free 3. Free product upgrades 4. 15% Off Your First Order 5. Free Shipping On Your Second Order 6. Super User ...
    • What is the ordering process for resellers?

      After you finish registering, you will be provided with an Excel order form with product details and prices. You can simply fill the form in with your desired quantities and then email it back to your ESR account manager. We will get back to you soon ...
    • How do I unsubscribe from the ESR mailing list?

      As a member of the ESR mailing list you’re automatically an ESR Super User and get to enjoy many awesome benefits, including being the first to receive our latest product news and monthly discount codes. However, if you no longer wish to be an ESR ...
    • How do I become an ESR Super User?

      To join the half a million people already enjoying the benefits of being an ESR Super User couldn’t be easier. When you receive your purchased item, you’ll find a Super User signup card inside the product box. Just scan the QR code and follow the ...