What should I do if I received a defective or damaged item?

What should I do if I received a defective or damaged item?

All quality-related issues for items sold directly by esrgear.com are covered by an extensive warranty, starting from the date of delivery (see the product warranty timeframe above for more details). If you have a defective or damaged item, you can Contact Support to our customer support team. They will investigate your case and issue you a replacement or refund. Please note that when applying for a replacement or refund:

1). You must provide the order number of their purchase made on esrgear.com

2). ESR must document what happens when buyers troubleshoot the product.

3). Visible proof of the item’s defect is required, such as a photo.

4). It may be necessary to return an item for quality inspection.

After confirming all necessary information, we can provide a replacement (if within the warranty period) or a refund (within the first 30 days of the warranty period), whichever you prefer

Please note that more than one type of proof of purchase may be required to process a warranty claim (such as receipt of money transfer and confirmation of the address to which the item was originally shipped). It is not possible to process a warranty claim for items that have passed their original warranty period.

 Please note the following are not covered by your warranty:

1). Products without sufficient proof of purchase

2). Lost or stolen products

3). Items that have passed their warranty period

4).) Non-quality related issues (after 30 days of purchase)

5). Free products

6). Repairs through 3rd parties

7). Damage from outside sources

8). Damage from misuse of products (including, but not limited to: falls, extreme temperatures, water, operating devices improperly)

9). Products not received due to the incorrect shipping information provided

10). Errors in tax calculations due to the incorrect postal code provided


ESR is NOT liable for

• Misuse of the products, or non-compliance with their user manuals

• Any accidental, indirect or punitive damages incurred from use of ESR products, including but not limited to; loss of data, device damage, monetary loss etc.

• Any deliberate distortion or abuse of warranties for personal benefit

ESR reserves the right to final explanation of all the above terms.

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