What are the benefits of being an ESR VIP?

What are the benefits of being an ESR VIP?

ESR VIPs enjoy the following benefits:

1. A FREE SHIPPING code once per month

2. A $5 discount on orders over $25

3. An exclusive reward on your birthday

4. Opportunities to test our newest products for FREE

5. Top priority in shipping & delivery

6. Access to interactive activities

7. Top priority in customer support 

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    • How do I become a VIP?

      When you order 1 or more times from ESR, you will receive an email invitation to our VIP program. Please follow the instructions in the email to register. The entire process is free and comes with a number of major benefits.
    • How do I get a VIP discount?

      Once you've placed at least one order via the ESR website, you'll receive an invitation email from us. Follow the instructions to sign up for our VIP program. The process is completely free and comes with several major benefits. Once you sign up for ...
    • How do I participate in a FirstLook product testing?

      To participate in FirstLook, make sure you are an ESR VIP and subscribed to our newsletter. You'll be notified whenever there is a new product testing. 
    • What are the benefits to being an ESR authorized distributor/reseller?

      After becoming an authorized ESR partner, you can: Be one of the first to provide new accessories for new Apple/Samsung devices to your market; Be able to purchase thousands of innovative ESR products in bulk; Receive a margin-guaranteed price list ...
    • What countries/regions does ESR ship to?

      Currently, ESR ships to the United States, the United Kingdom, Canada, Australia, Germany, France, Ireland, Italy, Spain, Netherlands, Austria, Belgium, Finland, Greece, Ireland, Luxembourg, Portugal, Slovenia, Czech Republic (Czechia), Denmark, ...