What are some tips for installing my screen protector?

What are some tips for installing my screen protector?

You may click here to view step-by-step installation videos for our screen protectors.

In addition, here are a few tips to help you successfully install your screen protector:

Before installing the screen protector, please follow the instructions provided in the package to clean your screen. All of our screen protectors come with complimentary cleaning kits. Hair, grease, and even specks of dust can cause air bubbles to form.

Once installed, you can remove air bubbles by gently pushing the bubble out towards the edges of the screen protector.


For more tips about ESR products, check out our blog.

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    • What are the benefits of using tempered glass instead of a plastic screen protector?

      A tempered-glass screen protector is typically much smoother than a plastic one. Our screen protectors undergo a high-speed cutting process to smooth their edges into an ideal 2.5D or 3D arc, providing a smooth surface that’s more comfortable to use.
    • Will fingerprints show up on my screen protector?

      Please note that “fingerprint-resistant” does not mean that fingerprints will never show up on your screen (though they will be less frequent/noticeable). Rather, the oleophobic coating on our screen protectors makes them much easier to wipe clean. ...
    • What products can be returned or exchanged?

      Only products purchased directly on our official website can be returned or exchanged. If you have made a purchase from Amazon or from another reseller, please contact them instead.  Undamaged and resaleable products may be returned for a full refund ...
    • What is the warranty process for resellers if a customer returns an item?

      ESR provides its partners with a limited lifetime warranty for all protection products (cases and screen protectors) and a 1-year warranty for all other product categories. We will issue a credit note for any product returns due to manufacturer ...