How much does shipping cost and when will I receive my order?

How much does shipping cost and when will I receive my order?


*1. Due to the current pandemic situation, shipping may be delayed.

2. This is a general guide, and delays may be caused by natural disasters, inclement weather, war, public holidays, and other factors outside of our control.

3. Due to SF's delivery policy, shipments delivered directly to residential addresses in Hong Kong will be subject to an HK$20 residential surcharge.

4. The recipient will be responsible for any import taxes, customs duties, and fees associated with the recipient's country/territory. These costs vary depending on local law.

Country/Region Estimated Delivery Time Shipping Cost Minimum for Free Shipping
Australia 10-18 business days
Austria 7-15 business days € 6.50 € 35
Belgium 7-15 business days € 6.50 € 35
Canada 7-15 business days C$10
Czech Republic (Czechia) 7-12 business days Kč140 Kč920
Denmark 7-12 business days kr42 kr308
Finland 7-12 business days € 6.50
€ 35
France 7-12 business days € 6.50
€ 35
Germany 7-12 business days € 6.50
€ 35
Greece 7-15 business days € 6.50
€ 35
Hong Kong 3-5 business days HK$40.00
Hungary 7-15 business days Ft1800 Ft10500
Ireland 7-15 business days € 6.50
€ 40
Italy 7-12 business days € 6.50 € 35
Japan 7-15 business days ¥780 ¥4550
Luxembourg 7-15 business days € 6.50 € 35
Netherlands 7-15 business days € 6.50
€ 40
New Zealand 7-15 business days NZ$12
Norway 7-15 business days kr70
Poland 7-15 business days zł30 zł185
Portugal 7-15 business days € 6.50
Singapore 7-12 business days S$12
Slovenia 7-15 business days € 6.50
€ 35
South Korea 7-15 business days ₩6600 ₩38500
Spain 7-15 business days € 6.50
€ 35
Sweden 12-20 business days kr60 kr350
Switzerland 7-15 business days CHF7
UAE 7-12 business days $6.00 $35
United Kingdom 5-15 business days £5
United States 5-15 business days $6.00 $38

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